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Our approach

Our approachInnovative. Energy management.

We employ an innovative approach to energy management, storage, and utilization.



Our work starts with your energy needs and goals. Engaging you on those needs through partnership and empathetic listening we are able to fully understand them. We then see how what you are aiming for matches an energy mix that is both technically and economically feasible for you.

At the end, you might get a plan, a consumption documentation and guide, and/or an exhaustive reportage of what energy setup would serve your needs efficiently.

  • Energy Planning
  • Managed Consumption
  • Reporting
  • Advisory & Insights
Strategy & Evaluation

Strategy & Evaluation

Our strategy gives you a complete toolkit of your efficient and resilient energy solutions.

Your toolkit is replete with our thinking behind the recommendations, best-value tactics, implementation plans, resource needs, including sourcing and deployment.

Our strategy puts you in full control of your energy consumption.

  • Energy Roadmapping
  • Research & Development
  • Resource Sourcing
  • Solution Architecting


We work either with our team of electrical and power engineering experts or independent affiliates that we train to build and implement your energy solution.

Our installations also follow strategy and quality assurance policies which we manage in-house so that your system can have the quality and integrity to work without any hassle or headache to you.

  • Installations
  • Quality Assurance & Control
  • Ongoing Support
  • Qualified Komponents engineer giving instruction to an affiliate.
  • Kommponents engineers studying a Victron inverter.
  • Qualified Kommponents engineer at work.
  • Trained Kommponents affiliate mounting solar panels on a large area rooftop.
  • Full battery power setup store.
  • Admin taking notes at a desk with laptop in front of her.

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